october 3, 4 & 5, 2019

Panel: Jazz & Gender

A discussion about the role of Women in Jazz in the last twenty years.

gallery/miriam arbalejo

Miriam Arbalejo

Critic & Popularizer of Jazz

gallery/lucia bosé

Daniela Bosé

Managing Director Palacio Vistalegre Arena


María Toro

Composer & Performer


Patricia Kraus

Artist, Director & Producer of FeminaJazz

gallery/beatriz ortega2

Beatriz Ortega

Director & Producer of FeminaJazz.

FeminaJazz Contest

FeminaJazz supporting emerging artists.


María Pascual and Andrea de Blas, the two winners of the Young Talents Contest recording their EPK at the ESMUVA music school.

Documentary Film: The Girls In The Band

Synopsis: The Girls in The Band tells the poignant untold stories of female instrumentalists in the world of Jazz and Big Band, as well as their fascinating innovative journeys, from the late 20s to the present. These incredibly talented women endured sexism, racism as well as the limited opportunities they were offered for decades. However, they continue today in the musical world, in order to inspire and raise their talents in a field that rarely welcomed them.

The Girls in The Band
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